Scared and Confused

My fiancee and I went to the Birthright, San Jose, office for help. I had just discovered that I was pregnant. We wanted to arrange an abortion even though we wanted children. At the time was was taking drugs. The volunteer gave me the phone number of an organization that she said would know whether the drugs I was taking was dangerous to my baby. I was not hopeful but I called them. Much to my surprise, they told me that the drug would not harm my baby. So I entered a rehab program, started eating better and was very happy.

I called Birthright back and told them the good news. My volunteer helped me during my pregnancy. We talked often. She was a real friend. She was calm, helpful, and I never felt judged by her.

My baby girl was born just before Christmas. She was perfectly healthy. My volunteer gave my baby a present when I went to the Birthright office to show her my little girl. I thanked her for her information, maternity clothes, the Christmas gift, and her care and concern. I also gave her a picture of my baby which she put up in the office.

I am very happy that I got accurate information before I made a decision. Thank you Birthright for all your help.


**Please note: The information in this post has been altered to protect the confidentiality of the client.