How to Know If You’re Pregnant

In a previous post, we covered five pregnancy signs and symptoms to look for if you suspect you may be pregnant. Of course, if you’re wondering how to know if you’re pregnant, a pregnancy test is your best bet. Though not a medical clinic, we can provide valuable information and resources. Here are some things to consider when determining how to know if you’re pregnant:


Background of the Home Pregnancy Test (HPT)

The home pregnancy test (HPT) was a revolutionary innovation that first hit the market in 1978. It identifies the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), known as the “pregnancy hormone.” This development stemmed in part from research conducted by the National Institute of Health in the 1970s. These home tests have been known to “detect hCG levels with up to 97% accuracy.”

HPTs may be accurate as early as the first day following a missed period, but tend to be more accurate after this point. This is because hCG concentration in your urine and bloodstream approximately doubles every two to three days during early pregnancy. About one week after the missed period is more of an ideal test time. The Mayo Clinic advises to always check the test’s expiration date and read the instructions carefully before using.


Difference between HPTs and Tests at Birthright San Jose

As we mentioned before, about half of the women contacting Birthright San Jose have already had an HPT done. Some may be looking for confirmation. Some may just need a friendly face to talk to.

But what’s the difference between the HPT and the one Birthright offers? The pregnancy test offered by Birthright San Jose is more sensitive. Over-the-counter (OTC) tests measure urine hCG at or above 100 units/ml. At Birthright San Jose, our tests measure at or above 25 units/ml.

So is there any benefit to taking a test at Birthright if you’ve already taken an HPT? Absolutely! It is possible for a negative result on an HPT to be inaccurate. Sometimes this occurs because the woman used the home test too early for the test to read positive.


When Should I come to Birthright for My Pregnancy Test?

Many of the clients who contact Birthright San Jose have done so because they’ve missed their period. There are some who come the day after sexual activity. Some even come two to three months later. Since every person and situation is different, there is no perfect time that applies in all cases. We’re here to help you, not to pressure you, so make an appointment as soon as you feel comfortable.


What Are the Next Steps?

If you take a pregnancy test at Birthright San Jose and it’s positive, you may wonder what the next steps would be. Firstly, Birthright San Jose will not tell you that you are pregnant, but rather that the test is positive. Again, this is because we are not a medical clinic. When a woman gets a positive test result, we encourage her to make an appointment with her physician. If she doesn’t have a physician, we’re happy to help her find one.

We also understand that a positive test reading could either be great news or distressing news, depending upon the person and situation. The staff at Birthright will listen to what you have to say about the positive test. Regardless of your reaction, we’re here to help.

Have you been wondering how to know if you’re pregnant? Whether you’re in the San Jose area or not, just give us a call. We’d love to talk and if you’re local, we can offer you a free, confidential pregnancy test and other services.

Facing the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy can be a scary and confusing time. We don’t believe anyone should have to go through it alone. Birthright San Jose is here to walk beside you through the process and make sure you’re informed.


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