Breaking the Stigma

The pressure a woman faces when getting pregnant at an early age or in a difficult condition is real. Many cultures have a negative stigma around teen pregnancy and pregnancy before marriage. Surrounded by those who say no, you may feel helpless and pressured into a difficult decision. Birthright San Jose is the yes; the beacon of hope that your baby can have a future despite your situation. Talking to someone who is writing to support you through a choice that you make about your baby without judgment can make the difference. An unplanned for pregnancy is not a wrong one but one that needs special attention and perseverance.

Due to social stigma, you may not be able to learn both sides to the story of having a baby now. Talking to someone who is willing to listen to you and help you make a better informed decision is the solution. Birthright San Jose provides this service and the comfort of being able to share your worries with another.

The strength to break through social barriers comes from a support system that stays accepting and gives hope. Birthright San Jose will be with you along the way.


Student Volunteer B.M.