A Birthright Story

We received this thank you letter recently and wanted to share.


Dear BR volunteer,

I’m not sure you remember me, but you helped my niece, Annie, when she was an addict, coming out of jail and pregnant. The situation was a disaster but because of you, Annie got clean, had her baby and is attending college now. She also has a nice little apartment. Reunited with her family after counseling, Annie is very happy, healthy and on her way to success. Had you not helped her, she probably would have been dead within a year and her baby also. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you did for us. You are a Godsend and if anyone on this earth is going to heaven, it is you! You provided such awesome support, info, baby clothes and other items and found a place for Annie to live and get the help she needed.  I will never forget you as long as I live. Her family had abandoned her due to her drug use and she was involved with some very scary people. I was desperate to help knowing that if I didn’t I was probably going to receive a call from someone telling me that Annie was found dead in a ditch. Then I spoke to you. When I told you of our situation you didn’t judge her about the situation she had put herself in. You came with concern and love and did everything you could to help. You are a Godsend and we love you. You save lives!

Love, your friend,



This wonderful letter is a great reminder of the power of what we do and that we often don’t realize the effects. Not everyone takes the time to say thank you as Gail did and we thank her for doing so. Our volunteer did a wonderful job of living out our motto of “The Essence of Birthright is Love” and not imposing judgment in a difficult situation. And our thanks to all of you donors who allow us to continue to offer this service of love and concern to all who come to us.