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*Is legal in California at any time during pregnancy.

*Usually performed in a clinic unless done late in a pregnancy.

*Two types

  • Medical (RU486)- by taking 2 different medications early in pregnancy. We also have information on successful reversal protocols after taking 1st drug.
  • Surgical- a doctor uses instruments.  There are different surgical procedures depending upon the stage of pregnancy and other factors.

*Goal- to end a pregnancy.

*Complications- Medical problems from abortion include bleeding, infection, and trouble getting pregnant after multiple abortions. Emotional problems may include anger, depression, regret, sadness, and addictions.  However, there is much controversy concerning both medical and emotional risks.  It is difficult to find accurate information.  It is, however, not logical to expect that a medical procedure is without risk.

For further information about types of surgical abortions, medical, and emotional complications of abortion see a short booklet published by the Pennsylvania Health Department called, “Abortion, Making a Decision.